Female Friendliness

The game isn’t very friendly to female players. I really enjoyed the game till they added the nudity. It’s wrong and pathetic. A setting to switch it off would be nice because me any my friend isn’t planning on playing something with naked men running around.

I think it’s more realistic you dont get born with clothes on do you?

Big loss, cya never.

Don’t play it if you can’t handle it, simple as that.

Not friendly to female players? Dafuq. Is this like 4th grade?

[SUB][/SUB]It is kind of funny scene when a group of naked man with their dicks is chasing one guy ^.^

No but she’s a ~girl~ so we have to censor this to meet her demands.

maybe if garry adds naked girls OP would be happy

they were planing to add this months ago so you should have spoken up then and not now but i’m sure it would have made no difference cause it is their game and not ours/yours.

FYI, I’m playing this game just for the nekkid men.

Why not just add a female playermodel instead?

I don’t see what the big fucking deal is, I was running around hatcheting people yesterday and I didn’t even actually notice until I saw that somebody had pants and somebody else did not.

I am sure if you complain enough garry will change his mind and make this game civil and christian again.

Wow what a wonderful game this is i am really enj- oh god a naked man. Nudity is offending me, this game is now terrible because a of a digital dick.

This damn misogny is ruining this game, man! Can’t even go two digital steps without these damn MEN flashing their dicks around.

And now we wait for for Garry to add physics to the penises so we can take dick-waving to the next level.

You don’t get born with pubic hair.

Penis physics would open up a new era of gaming

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It would be a lot more funny if anybody actually thought that Garry wouldn’t really do this

Try 3D GirlZ if you want to fap for 3D naked girls

What are you implying?