Female mercs

Just wanted to at least release this WIP thing before exams. Been sitting on them in their current state for ages now.
First model lacks faceposing and fingerposing. Overall some rigging issues here and there on all of them as well.

Plan to release a version of these with the aforementioned fixes, probably texturegroups and some other things at a later date. But anyways, just giving a fair warning.

**Require BLo’s Enhanced citizens.


Also if anyone so desires, feel free to turn them into playermodels, Npc’s whatever. They are rigged to the valve biped. Just throw in due credits.


weird that i was just looking at these at the model hacks and ports thread.

Nice models wraith!

I don’t usually hire women to do my bidding, but i’ll have to make a special exception for these lovely ladies.

Awesome, I was wondering what happened to these.

I like it!

Finally Balaclava donning female soldiers, thanks wraith!

Suitability of these models?


Gmod.org isn’t loading for me right now but i’m taking a wild guess and saying that’s the redux pack. You probably need the original pack, since the redux one is hexed and the file paths are different.

Also, in addition to lacking fingerposing as you said in the OP they also seem to be lacking hands in general.

Hey Wraithcat, good luck for your exams!

And also thank you for these models.

They are nice.

Could you show me a screen of that. They all show their hands on my end.
Also I used Bloo’s second citizen pack. Not sure if the redux has the same paths or not. If it does, then you can use it.

We need moar female soldiers.

I recognize the female citizen heads, but I’m not familiar with the blonde one on the upper left and the brunette lower right of the picture…where are they from?

Blonde - hacked and reskinned Jessica model from Sin: episodes
Brunette - came with the body she’s on.

The first model is unsmoothed for me.