Female metropolice & operators

[release][tab]Name:[/tab] Female metropolice
[tab]Description:[/tab]There is only two female metrocops. Maybe, I’ll make more later. I used the visor from the ragdoll from “Jericho” (it was ported by the Slow)
[tab]Credits:[/tab] Valve, Slow, Engineer_Rus

I only see Metro Police? Wheres the Operators.

They are with visors. But yes, it’s all metrocops. :smile:

She looks good, but this thing on her head really needs some glowing-in-the-dark parts (it’s called selfillum or something like that)

Sorry, but I’m noob in texturing. :frowning:

Do they come from Metrocop helmets?

Where’d you get the jericho headset from? I could never really rip the visor with intact UVmaps.

massive thanks for that link

it’s easy. First, open the texture file of the visor,create another layer and fill it with black colour. Paint white areas where you want the model to glow(the white-marked part
of the texture will glow). Then,delete the texture layer and save pic like vtf file. It will be a glow texture.

Then,write in .vmt file of this visor

“$selfillum” 1
“$normalmapalphaenvmapmask” 1
“$selfillumtint” “[3 3 3]” (i use this exponent usually)
“$selfillummask” “here insert the path to the glow texture”

That’s all. :slight_smile:

Would it be possible for you to get a prop of the visor?

Has this got a female version of a normal CP as well? The pics aren’t too clear about that, but I know there was one knocking about.

Chocolate make Heavy happy :smile:

He is one happy heavy:3:

Hmmmm, that visor could be used on so many models and it would be a recipe for insta-awesome.

I’d want the Texture that has “Choclate Makes Heavy Happy” to DL.

I thought about those female MW2 operators. :stuck_out_tongue: Ah well, looks good!

It’s just my old screenshot. :smile:

Loving it, if you could make more that would be sweet.

when i installed them the textures on their heads were all messed up. its probably a problem on my end, any ideas on how to fix them?