Female model request

Some of the photo’s here are from other people but it’s the style I like but I want them bunched into one character.

The chest/stomach picture is of someone else’s model, and I do not want mine to look exactly like that. I am looking for more like a white/colored t-shirt that isn’t as reveling. (Bellybutton can be shown a bit, but shirt not so high up.) Also the top of the shirt isn’t so low so you can see her bra.

The Zoey pictures are from someone else’s page and by no means mine. I like her face and colored eyes and would want my model to have that style.

The hairstyle picture is how I want the models hair to look. Curly and a lighter colored blonde and abit past the shoulders.

The labcoat picture is what she would wear ontop of the tshirt, but have it a bit more open and not as low. I am not sure yet if I want 2 models. (one with a lab coat, and one without.) I will have to talk to whoever wants to do the model for me.

Anyways, leave your comments and if you can help me out in making this model please let me know. :smiley:

I am not sure why someone would rate this “Dumb.” It is a serious model I really want for my own server. Anyways, please leave a comment instead of rating it “dumb.” or if you can help me out.

doubt anyone will do this for you, but good luck.

sexy zoeys face is sexy

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You really needed to say that?

Okay if you don’t have something productive, or click the “dumb” buttons. Just don’t do or say anything at all.

Your going to get that a lot here at facepunch so theirs really no point on telling people what to do. Plus with that kind of attitude your not gonna get anything.

Actually, this is possible, just a simple modelhack, although the hair would be very difficult, i’d do it myself, but i can’t get the fucking StudioCompiler to compile my models, so Good luck.


Actually after reading it again…no one is gonna make two models, so Idk.

What do you get as an error?

ERROR: Eyelid “lower_right” neutral out of range (±0.5)

If you don’t have a flexfile (VTA) for the model remove all the stuff between the brackets after the $model line in the qc and it should compile (if it doesn’t just keep removing whatever it says in quotations in the errors until it does). If you do have a flexfile for it move the head until its where the original was or do what I said for not having one.

Alright thanks, i’ll try later.

Does that mean you will make it for me if you can get it to work?

Maybe. But got lots of shit to do IRL. Not to mention other Gmod projects.

What IS that chest and hip picture from? Do want.

It’s from a custom model someone made on TnB. If you want the model, you would have to ask the one who made the whole thing. I liked the body so I used it as an example of what I am looking for in my model.

I doubt someone will organically model everything here for you just for you to throw about a server for five seconds but then again i am criminally insane.

I have no idea what you just said but I guess I would say It’s for ONE model, and it would go towards either my server or another server that is really popular.

Bump :smiley: