Female models/ragdolls

Hi everyone. :toot:

I’d like to get away from skinning regular citizen models because the jacket shape limits what can be done. Also, most of the other female models I find on Garrysmod.org don’t wear everyday clothes.

And since I don’t know how to make ragdolls in a 3D program yet, is there anyone willing to create some female citizen ragdolls wearing normal clothing? Like maybe tank tops, shorts .etc?

Thank you for reading this.

Or direct me to good ragdoll tutorial for Blender if you can’t/unwilling to contribute. That is fine too.

They’re refugees, but I don’t really see why that would be an issue.

yes well, it’s a pity you never actually get to see non-oversexualized female models on garrysmod.org, too much 16 year olds stuck in puberty, I’d like to see someone creating rather normal female models, although sorry I can’t help you out here.

That’s true. Thanks for the reply though.
I’ll probably have to make my own then.

Pretty sure there are normal female models in openAura Cider 2. You could find them in there.