Female - Players - NPCs, etc


So when will we get the Female character form back and be able to chose to be M or F?

also as an Admin I can spawn (using mods) NPCs but they are all males - would love to spawn females as well as shop keepers.

When females are introduced, you won’t get the choice of being male or female. You’ll either change to a female or stay male.

yes I have heard that, that is kinda of lame though - every other game I can think of allows you to choose, even steam games.

man, just remember you penis size is linked in your steam profile… hudsauhdsahudshaudhusahudahudasuhdshahuda AMAZING GAME!!!

Rust isn’t every other shitty game.

EDIT: Also if you followed the devblogs you would know that they reworking the male playermodels and are also working on the female models. Should be soon because they are already tweaking the clothes to fit female bodies. Steamid based boob size hype.