Female quarian skins

This pack contain three models, each of them have three skins. So, use skin switcher or bodygroup changer to change the skins. Original ragdoll ported by hellbring101.

I smell Rule 34.


As I said in the last thread, nice job bro.

They look really desaturated but it’s nice I guess.


Those hips :smug:

Aw hell ya.

To be honest, they aren’t that awesome. But sure, you did a good job over-laying the textures with 1 color each time.

I just accidentally rule 34.

Tali n’ Legion?
How would he…
but there isn’t…

the look like nuns


nice models

Sexy Alein Nuns?

Uh… what are these from again?

From Call of Duty 100500: Counter Strike of course.

No its Call of Duty 100501: Counter Strike. People these days :rolleyes: can’t even get games right…

I love using this class, she can drop nukes from a giant cow that hovers over new new old Orleans, right?

Man, I love Call of Duty 100501: Counter Strike.

I’m looking forward to the Call of Duty 100501: Counter Strike “Battlefield Kill-zone” expansion!

Wait for Call of Duty 100500: Colonization of F.E.A.R…

Good point, I think I’ll do that.

Though Call of Duty 100502: Lost Gears of Planet War looks too damn awesome to pass up.

Call of Duty 100503: Grand Halo Fortress Portal 5 will be awesome!

How about those Super Duty Brothers?