Female Scientist model of some kind

I would like what the thread title states. Of at least some degree of quality as well, not merely a citizen re-textured. If you have a link to a model, that is fine too; I could not find anything on several sites.

Oh yes, and type of scientist really doesn’t matter, she just has to be recognizably scientific. As long as the attire isn’t any sort of field gear, like a diving suit or a radiation shield.

is a replacement fine?

There was a Paranoia mod pack that had some female scientists, but I can’t find it on Gmod.org anymore.

that’s why I said replacement becuase it’s up on fpsbanana.com

You can get it hexed, though.

That’s fine, I know how to hex things.

Or you can wait until Black Mesa Source comes out. They showed a female scientist.

Uploaded a picture for proof. It’s not a retexture, modeled labcoat and everything.

hehehehehhe, Quote edit…
But in all serious if someone does do a female scientist could you do a male one as well?

Response to quote edit Nah, I prefer cake, but unfortunately the cake is a lie.

Just wait, it won’t be much longer till Black Mesa Source is released, they said they’d release THIS YEAR.

will u need half life 2 to get it? i only got gmod and hl2 deathmatch

Maybe. I’m not sure.

I read the site, it says that all you need is HL2 and CS:S.

But now it’s saying any Source game will work.


There’s one in here.

While the two presented are the retextured citizens, I won’t turn you down; that would be denying opportunity.

Didn’t Half Death make a BM:S pack with scientists of both genders in it?

I don’t know.

Well get on garrysmod.org and look for it.

Sadly BMS uses a weird facial distribution system (each scientist has a different head and face skin) so the BMS models are not going to be usable in GMod.

um BM:S was scrapped, REMEMBER!?