Female scientist.

So, maybe someone will make this for me and some other people?
It will be great even if you hack female’s head on kleiner’s body :stuck_out_tongue:
Thanks in advance.

Kleiner’s body is a male body. I’d probably think about that before posting a request.

So you want a transsexual?

i want a tranny

If he means converting a girl in a man, how the “Pregnant Man”, no one would do such abomination and if you mean converting a girl in a scientific outfit for THAT girl, it´s another story.

No, I doesn’t mean that ;(
I mean there’s no lab coat on female body.

I am sure a experienced modeller could do such a thing…

Better idea, take the lab coat from Uriah, and put it ona female model.

Skin accordingly.

A Vortigaunt’s clothes, male or female (Uriah’s a male), will not fit a human female.

Its an open coat.

There was one in GTA IV.

How about the scientist lady from StarCraft 2?


Just needs a decent phys and some face flexes, but she’s a scientist right?

[In Boba Fett voice] They’ll do…

I officially love toast.
Seriously though, I love this model it’s gorgeous.

It’s good, but it looks like a male coat.

Looks good, but it looks too sci-fi.
Even if I reskin it, the sleeves are… Unusual?

You don’t think the lower part of the coat is a bit more unusual than the sleeves?