"Female Scout slices through unseen assailants in Japanese Schoolgirl attire."


Not the best thing ever, but, it did certainly kill seven hours.


cool idea. not even sure it belongs in this section though… you basically used a gmod image as an anatomy reference to trace over. so it’s kinda like you just cheated at doing a drawing

I don’t see how tracing over the image would count anything different. It was still made in Gmod, and hell, that alone would make it seem it has no other section to go into. Creationism Corner would sure as shit not take it I know that much. If you want to be that technical, no section on FP would take it.

lol you basically just said “this shouldn’t have been posted”

You Jerk :stuck_out_tongue:

I very very very cool

This is not about you. :v:

Japanese schoolgirl and no exposed underwear!?

Also the hand print looks terribly undersized. Looks like somebody has been doin some toddler slayin

How was THAT, made in Gmod. . .?

Made the pose and then took time in GIMP to edit it? You know I put the original image under it :v:


dat skirt is like de wrong colah and ting dawg

But man ho’wa dey suppos’t know dat Breda?

We need a model of female scout dressed like that.

Creationism Corner won’t take it

I would know :expressionless:

CC is full of stuck up faggots for the most part anyway

i am really stuck up but i am heterosexual