Female Soldier Skins



Requested by Memobot and made by me. :slight_smile:

Just some female versions of the soldiers I did for the Zombie Apocalypse Mega Pack. I’ve got a lot more skins that I’ve never released that I might get around to eventually hexing. For some reason the spawnlist doesn’t work so if someone wants to try and fix it that would be great.

These aren’t perfect but at least it’s something right?

Looks good. c:

Have a heart Dean. :slight_smile:

I require ACU versions.

Thanks so much. At last, a bit of variety!

I keep getting diagnostics messages when I open it. Redownloaded a few times. I think this is broken.

Hmm it could have been caused by my crappy internet connection. I’ve had this problem when trying to upload here before and to FileFront. I’ll download it and see if it works for me.

Anyone else having this problem?


The link works fine for me so it must be something on your end.

about fucking time we got some female soldiers this are great! i only wish they where as detailed as the other soldiers that facepunch is creating

like this

just a thought…

Yeah whenever i download it, the materials fuck up :confused:

“Creating”…?! Lol please… Dude they didn’t make any of that. Those are model rips from an actual retail game that were ported over and rigged. I’m sorry but I’m not a professional modeller/texture artist and I don’t know how to rig/compile models either. I’m not shitting on what they’re “creating” though because I still do understand it’s a pain in the ass to go through porting a model into another game with a decent rigging and it takes time to make it look good. I just do simple skins and that’s the extent of my abilities. Thanks for your comment on the skin though.

That’s weird… it works fine for me. Try using 7zip.

We seriously need more female skins like these that aren’t for the Sex Pose thread. :iia:

Oh, cool. These will be useful.

Yeah, for whatever reason, they can’t be extracted. I’ve used winRar and the standard unzipper, but it encounters “Unknown error: 9afs90fwesfsLblahblahblah.” and the pack can’t be extracted.

Use 7zip.