Female swim wear pack

I was bored and I saw a request for some civilian underwear models, so I went halfway with the request.


This pack has been updated by June 28th to have all female civilians
This pack includes six models which each have 6 alternate skins.
White, Black, Red, Green, Blue, and Yellow.

This is required for alternate skins

Why make this?
*Boredom and the chance to contribute something.*

This is perverted!
*You clicked on it.*

**-Thank you Simkas for your help with 03, and 07.-**

Can I edit this?
*Edit it in whatever way you see could improve it. *

Can I release an edit?
*Internet police can't prosecute you so sure.*

Next I will try my hand at making the male counterparts.

The necks!



Looks like you went halfway with their necks aswell.

Indeed, that is the biggest flaw with these models apart from lack of eyelid posing.

I was not entirely sure how to go about blending the heads to the bodies so I simply tried to match the materials as close as possible. If anyone happens to know a better way to achieve this I would be more than happy to attempt it.

It just looks like someone deflated the heads and reattached them in Gmod.

Scary combine is hiding in the bushes :ohdear:

Awesome, great fix! Downloading right away.

my boner deflated

Good just the neck.But all you have to do i photoshop it.

Once I find out how to fix the eye problem with 03 and 07 I will remake them, switch to extending the base neck of the model rather than using the citizen neck.

Hopefully that would leave less of an obvious connection point.

Main post has been updated, I made some alterations to the model to try and give it a better connection to the head. If there is anything I could improve on it please let me know.

Cleaning their faces abit, I don’t know if its possible but they’re heads look dirty like refugees.

For the females 3 and 7, they use the dark_eyeball texture, instead of the eyeball texture. The decompiler seems to fuck that up, so just change the “eyeball_l” and “eyeball_r” parts in the qc files into “dark_eyeball_l” and “dark_eyeball_r”.


Also, you might wanna edit the facemaps a bit so the hair line on the neck doesn’t just randomly end when it reaches the body model.

Fix the eyes and the neck.

What’s wrong with the eyes?

Yeah yeah everyone already talked about the necks, but they do look like midgets with those necks.

they look… just like males…

The pack has been updated to include 03, and 07.

Thank you Simkas for your help on that.

The heads look really small on those bodys, the necks just look awful.

Your packaging is super waistful. You included the same materials 6 times for each model. You could have put all the bikini textures which are exactly the same in one folder and had all the vmts in the sub folders point to the same vtf. Something you might want to look into for your next version.

Also why body groups instead of texture groups?