Female Turians Civilians and Talons

I have taken a month on this (just forgot to show it) ending with the Turians females. All the Civilians have skingroups for clothing and 2 variants (with hood and without hood) where in total are 30 models (15 without hood and the other 15 with hood),some with new facemaps (including the Garrus Date Facemap from DLC Citadel)

I could not find a version without a hood of Nyreen. I did a rig of some of the Turian Female Casual, using the rig of Nyreen Kandros model. if the only thing I regret is that one of the flexes not working

Female Turians Talons Hexed

6 Hexed Female Talons using the Nyreen Kandros armor skin from DLC omega




Nice, congratz on the release! This should be useful.


Rev up those sex poses.

I am at full mast right now

I have added the missing links of the Workshop on the thread


I knew I was going to say that, I just hope Digitalero not make a naked version (which is not strange to me that in a few days has nude versions of my Turians)

The only thing I regret if it is not able to do the Turians Children (if would also be with Turians females but never executed because they were difficult to make a rig of a children’s versions of the Turians)

You have been busy mate! Lovely work again while I’m on it!

Nice. Can’t wait to try these out.

Just a heads up: When loading the models into SFM (editing: I know these were made primarily for Gmod), the face textures for the civvies are pretty screwed up. Not sure if it’s a common thing that is easily fixed or not. Oh, and the first two skins are purplesquared. The other skins, and the Talons, work fine. Otherwise, these are fantastic.

If it’s anything to go by, these are the errors that show up in the console when loading one of the civvies. I’d see if I could come up some kind of fix, but I honestly have no skill or experience in this at all.

Model file ‘Mass Effect 3/Female/Turian Female casual 1.mdl’ and associated vtx files are out of date
“materials/bge/fga/nyreen/tuf_arm_nyrb_emiss.vtf”: can’t be found on disk
Mass Effect 3/Female/Turian Female casual 1.mdl : material “models/mass effect 3/female/turian female/tuf_arm_nyra” not found.
Mass Effect 3/Female/Turian Female casual 1.mdl : material “models/mass effect 3/female/turian female/glint” not found.
Mass Effect 3/Female/Turian Female casual 1.mdl : material “models/mass effect 3/female/turian female/casual normal” not found.

In Gmod, the faces were fine, but the first two outfit skins were screwed up too. I think it was the detail texture was wrong in the VMT? I just fixed the path and it worked. Dunno about the faces though.

I had to check myself the. Vmt of the Turian to see what happened and find was happening,was that it was for my mistake that never realized because the TUF_ARM_CTHa_Diff and TUF_ARM_CTHb_Diff (The first two outfit skins), even had the old detail directory of Nyreen Kandros

which actually had forgotten to change the new directory that was

That fixes the first two skins nicely.

As for the faces, I tried to look for any discrepancies between the face textures on the Talons (that work fine) and the ones on the civvies (that don’t) and couldn’t find any. However, I did notice that all of GoOr’s models that use ‘pro’ in them, like “hmf_proash_a,” “hmf_proedia_mdl,” and “hmm_projamesa” all suffer from the same strange face bug, and looking at the vmts and vtfs for the turian civvies, they too have that ‘pro’ in there whereas the talons do not. Forgive my ignorance in the subject if that ‘pro’ serves some technical purpose aside from just being a file name. The only other thing is the error that says that the model and associated vtx files are out of date, but that happens for nearly all models.
That’s all I have to go on for for that.

Anyway, thanks for fixing the texture error for the first two skins.