Females isn't a huge priority

According to Garry’s Twitter:

I agree with the prioritization.

Oh jeeze. Here cometh the politically correct scat-storm.

females aren’t a priority; making a fucking game is

adding things that are very secondary like females just kills progress, worry about extra stuff LATER when you have a game.

If their work into Rust begins drifting into modeling work, such as finalizing armour body-types and weapon animations, I would expect for female models to be worked in at that point. Until then, working in female models would distract them from more important mechanics and bug fixes.

Pretty Sure it will be worked in eventually, most likely after the game goes into beta.

agreed. someone on the steam forums decided to rant on sexism…
yes when the game is further along… even a character editor before joining a server would be nice.
but i prefer new content/reworked content until then.

Not only that but if you work on trival stuff you’ll end up with tons of scrapwork but… that scrap will be in the game, and you’ll end up with too much stuff that is really pointless in having in the game

Yeah, like making the resource nodes prettier, and then taking a week and a half to stop them from killing people. :rolleyes:

With that said, however, it is probably a good thing they haven’t added cavewomen yet. Who knows what kind of game-breaking bug that would bring along with it…

My thought on the male/female thing is while no it’s not a priority, it should be higher then the bottom where most people place it. They are redoing some graphics, they are redoing animations, adding a female model means most of those need to be done again, much easier to do things like leather outfit for both male and female at the same time instead of male now, then months down the road female when the models done. Not to mention the testing of female animations not causing bugs like the death nodes the graphics change caused.

I see - facetious. Since you did not get my point, let me elaborate: adding in female models prematurely would, quite literally, be a waste of their time and resources. Why is that? Because until they begin finalizing aspects of the game such as player animations and body-types, adding in female models would require them to come back and completely redo the female models on-top of the male models.

See what I mean? A complete waste of time over an insignificant feature unimportant to the game itself. Your resource comparison is a red herring fallacy, as resource nodes can be added and modified without redundancy, and makes way to the additional resources they will be adding to the game soon which actually will be necessary to the game’s progression in Alpha.

Somebody get Tumblr on the line

God damn it that would be fucking hilarious. Although Postal has enough to do as it is.

And the dev team will spend a whole week arguing over the breast size. The next week on pubic hair. Then the new intern points out, “Hey, you know she probably hasn’t shaved her legs in a while” and the whole body hair debate comes in… Someone else pulls the “race” card… Sexual harrassment and prejudice claims swamp down development… 3 months later they change to a gender and racial neutral caveperson. Much like the Human Being from Community.

I’m glad this is a low priority item. But I am also glad this is an item on the list. Actually I’m more happy about that than them not worrying about “the little things” just yet.

Damn this is terrible news for the 3 females who play Rust and the 7,500 guys who like to dress as girls who play the game.

I fail to see why you quoted me, because everything you responded with was utterly irrelevant.

The question was will they be “in the final game” and the answer is kind of vague.

But I think it would be cool if you did have a gender choice in the final release of the game.

It’s not like they have budget concerns, they can do just about anything they want with that cash.

Sounded to me like he was agreeing with you…

What would happen if they added women…

censor.nudity false

Must be nice thinking the world revolves around you and your infinite knowledge.

I have a redheaded friend and he wonders where the Gingers are in the game.