So first impression on the females?

Personally I like them, though I wished the “makeup” around the eyes need a tad work, looks like she’s been taking a beating.

Can’t wait until we get proper clothing for them though, some of the current ones looks funny, like roadsign jacket that literally is floating.

And can we get some hair on their heads (for that sake the males also), just make a huge difference really - right now they could be just a really skinny boy :wink:

I just wish we had a choice. A character creation screen would be awesome. It adds so much more to the atmosphere to not have a random character.

I want a push up bra, i cant hide anything in the cleavage i have.

The female character should have the body of an adult as the male character does and not that of a 13 year old girl. The development depictions were great. What happened to those? For realism the breast size should be randomized as the p*nis size currently is.

Developer Character: http://playrust.com/devblog-65/

Current In game Character: http://images.akamai.steamusercontent.com/ugc/436071903973981330/88C064C1698755815FCB18F1A2A145FA71C60BE3/

Pretty much this, on top of it what the hell is going on with those hip bones? They might be a little too high set.

I get that they were trying to not make females all about objectification but at least make them as attractive as the male counter parts.

Penis is the word you are looking for.

I posted a similar comment on the steam chat. Penis came out ***** so I changed it to pnis. I copied and pasted that portion here, hence the "pnis". :smile:

Can’t objectify woman but can make all males ripped and have multiple genital sizes just for laughs.