Femengineer gets punched in the face (6 pics)







nice jazz hands

Scout’s rape face is just awesome.


I lol’d

Don’t do it scout, there’s a sentry right behind her!!!

Join us, Scout, don’t be afraid.

If only I could deploy a bent over female ragdoll in the middle of the enemy base with a sentry hidden somewhere in that room.

after i saw it i bet myself $50 you would post in this thread. I’m not surprised i was right.

After I posted the thread, I bet myself 50$ somebody would post in this thread, I was right.

I’d hit that! :smiley:

Didn’t know there was a fem engineer. As soon as I saw your name demon, I knew there would be something involving rape and or mutilation.

demoniclemon, what’s up with you and women abuse? :v:

Because blu isn’t supposed to hate red and whatnot.

No, you always make poses of Ellis ripping Zoey’s hair out of her scalp and making a belt out of it, et cetera, et cetera.

Holy shit thanks for a new idea for my shocking poses thread.

Though the only girl I put in repeated tortue was Zoey, femgineer just got unlucky.

Can’t wait to see what your next shock pic is. :v:

Haha, just give me credit :3:

I’ll remind him to do so.

You’ll get the credit, but now, I got to catch a train o dreamland.

I saw a CSI episode where some Mexican guy ran over some chick and then dragged her body to his house, and ripped her hair out and made a belt. They caught him because they saw him wearing it. I had laughed my ass off.