Femme Fatale 2 (Inspired by blooregardo)

As stated. Inspired by

blooregardo's "Sex and Violence" A Femme Fatale approaches her Kill.


That man must be into guru.

Who knows. He ain’t going in to Velvet here, that’s for sure:3:

His left arm looks…painful. Well, actually, he’s probably in a lot of pain right now anyways, but the posing is very odd. Just fix that up and you’re good.

Didn’t save the pose. But I agree. Arm had been better served more crooked.

Perhaps people will let Velvet kill of a bunch of characters:psyberger:

damn, bleeding and broken bones, thats pretty intense

Why kill the black guy?

Model isn’t of a black guy. Not that it would matter to Velvet. She is a murdering psychopath. She is no racist. She will kill anyone.

That man is asian good sir

Wouldn’t it be guro, unless he’s into wise hermits?

Also, someone will defeat her…someone will…runs off to pose

Aye. When the death toll is on a level unheard of among mortal men:gibs: