Femme Fatale

Headhack I’m working on :V


She looks malnourished.

Nice headhack you got thar :smiley:

Beautiful. Looking forward for a release. (well, let’s hope you won’t keep it for yourself !)

You’re nuts :v:

But yeah nice headhack.

Cool skin + model hack. The Fassassin does look too skinny though.

That’s some skinny arms right there!

Yeah, true, Gotta fix that :stuck_out_tongue:

what I was thinking right after I saw the picture and before I read the comments

its the head of a character from SiN Episodes, right?

give her a sammich and fix the arms.

Everything else is fine.

Chicken wing arms.

  1. Because they’re worryingly thin.
  2. Because the right arm is sticking up too much.

Nice editing though.

Looks rather nice,

The only thing is that the fassassin model has always had a really anorexic look.
If you could fix that this model would be excellent.

Very nice picture.

Were was the head from btw?

Jessica Canon SIN Episodes
Modified to have brown hair and a visor.

The Visor isn’t actually part of the model, I just put that there because she’s not eyeposable yet :V