Femme Fatality [SFM]

lods of emone, galz n soft shetz



Looking great as always, Urbanator! Nice work!

That render is so fucking nice, the hair, the posing, the consistency, the everything. Mindblown once again. Loved how you’ve taken care of the little model fuckups in the original. These small things is what differentiates your work from others who don’t care for these small details.


Hot as always.

most excellent!
hail to the king!

Just realised that there isn’t any flat chested girls in Mortal Kombat

what’s the deal NetherRealm?

sex sells and horny teenagers are buying

what about the horny teenagers that are into the flat??

They should probs avoid my threads. :v:

Thanks for the comments yall!


I love big boobies! Beautiful, sexy and awesome as always!

See, there’s those candles again. Where do you get those candles? What are they called? Btw, pic looks like a painting, very nicely composed.

Somewhere off digitalero I think I got them. Can’t remember exactly were though.

Thankz ladzz

Flawless victory.

Fantastic work as always, man.