Femme Pyro Re-Quest

Since a previous request of mine vanished halfway, I’ve decided to sorta re-post it, adding a bit more specifications, more details on it, and also hoping that someone will take a liking in it, enough to give it a try.

What I request is a headhack, more precisely the head of this model:

Onto this model.

So the final model will look almost like this:

What I’d like to have on the final model;
-The neck of the mask and the straps of the bra removed.
-The body skin texture toned to match the heads skin texture.
-Jiggleboned hair and breasts, like in the case of the original ones.
-Possibly teamcolored models
If possible:
-Eye posing.

Thank you in advance, I hope someone will be willing and able to give it a go. :ohdear:

Bump. Anyone?

Yeesh, this is sadly starting to look like deja vu :frowning:

I’m pretty sad it does, though.

This is the third or fourth time you have made this request, but I like the fact your being persistent about getting this model done, but don’t take it to far or you’ll end up annoying the hell out of everyone.

I may have to correct you. This is the second time.
And I understand your point, but I reposted it since I couldn’t get in contact of the ones carrying out the first one, plus I added a few minor details, so the request would be more accurate.

If you don’t agree with the whole point of this request, then just leave it. I didn’t meant to be a bother to anyone by requesting it again.

Made a slight chance to the OP; in case it sounded too, demanding, which I didn’t wanted it to.

I don’t want to let this one die.

Bump to the brain. Ura
C’mon It’s can’t BE TOO HARD since some people makes NEW models.


Its time to stop bumping.

I have to agree. This model is never going to be done unless you do it yourself, because nobody has taken interest in it.

Time to start learning how to model, boy!