femscout model compile problem

I looked for alot of threads and blender tutorials, but I couldn’t find anything that comes near to my problem.

I want to customize the femscout model made by maxofs2dd, grabbed the source files from here: http://source.maxofs2d.net/index.php?dir=models%2Ftf_femscout_enhanced%2F
(tried to email maxofs2d, didn’t get a response since 2 weeks now, that’s why i want to ask here)

To see if it would work, I only renamed the mdl file that will be compiled, and didn’t make any other changes. Loaded the femscout_head.dmx into blender and besides a small spelling error:

(renaming it to “open” instead of “opern” didn’t solve my problem though)

besides that, it works to compile (no other errors shown). when I load it into source filmmaker, half the flexes are correct, and the other flexes land in “Unknown”, looking like this (and only working pairwise):

I’m using Blender 2.76, and the blender source tools v 2.6.2 (newest)

Since I’m stuck with that for quite a long time now, I would appreciate any advice you ladies/gentlemen maybe have.
Thank you in advance!

it appears that it’s the same with ALL tf2 models, not only this one…
i could compile the tf2 models before, no problems like that.
didn’t change any version of program or something,yet it compiles like this, even if i don’t edit a single thing.