FenceLayer Stool - Combine Laser Fence?


R3ality remade the combine laser fence ages ago (original by /2Man? for Gmod9) but I don’t think it ever worked right. So, I rewrote it again from scratch and posted it in that thread but it didn’t get noticed.

Anyway, it sort of broke in the latest update so I’ve fixed it and here it is - basically an old, recycled idea.


:yarr: Click multiple points -> multiple fences -> make a giant fence around the whole of gm_flatgrass and piss everyone off.
:yarr: Undo/Cleanup -> get rid of them because people are yelling at you.
:yarr: Ghost previews -> you know what’s happening.
:yarr: Numpad keys make it turn on and off!
:yarr: Fucking kill people when they try and go through.
:yarr: I commented the code as well as I could (be bothered to) so it may be a good learning base for someone.


Sexy angle shot right there.




Edit: Guess which alt I am :zoid:

If this works :smiley:
I love you :smiley:

Vampired :smiley:

Interesting remake.

Good good!
Now we just need those combine stasis doors! :slight_smile:


Doesn’t work for me. No firing click or anything. No ghost preview. Can’t create a fence at all.

Are you sure? Anything in the console?


I’m getting this problem now. Trying to fix.

Make them breakable and/or a button to turn them on/off and you got yourself one of the best additions to the classical fort wars :smiley:

This will be so useful to my mini Jurassic Park, thanks!

Fixed. If you’re updating, delete the folder from addons first. File names have changed.

Is it possible to do something like the bridge stool?
Like making a few props between clicks with the combine fence material it would look a bit more like HL2 :slight_smile:

Don’t work for me =)…


What doesn’t work? Same issue as above?

Nice work. Do you have any plans to make another fence mod based off this, that uses an actual blue combine fence instead of the white beams?

Nice. Just a question, what map are you using in that video? Also I loved the original Laser Fence, and this one is awesome. :smiley:

Make secondary tie select fences together

Does this have Wire compatibilities? Or is it just the numpad activated?

It looks good though!

Just numpad. Map is my own.

Nice work Vampired/Cakes :smiley:
I thought you quit lua and then you go and improve the combine laser fence stool :slight_smile: