Fences: Wood Barricade's Stronger Counterpart

We have (nearly) useless wooden barricades that are easy to destroy, can we see a blueprint for making a barbed-wire/razor-wire topped chain-link fence? It would be a really cool way to say “stay out” amd provide a little bit better security than wooden barricades. Feedback or better alternatives appreciated :smile:

I like it… also wire cutters to get past said fence, it would take time and make noise alerting anyone inside the house that there are intruders.

Not a bad idea, to be honest. It would be time consuming and leave you open to attack, and wire cutters must be crafted as well.

Awesome idea, just what i would be looking for, i don’t raid or random kill but i build walls and towers to protect my village and my tribe lol, that would solve all my problems.

Well good, glad you like the idea. I think it would be even cooler if fence pieces snapped in place, and maybe even a code where anything inside the perimeter can only be built on by the person who set up the fence (though this may pose an issue for shared houses) either way, I think it would be really useful if they snapped into place.