Fencing Sword


So i took the chance with Garrysmod’s new jigglebone support to create a simple prop with a fairly amusing effect. It’s a fencing sword with jigglebones in the sabre so it sort of wiggles about as a real fencing sword would.

It’s rigged to the valve skeleton right hand bone so if you were to use this as a SWep’s world model it’d work.

Feel free to re-distribute wherever, just try to give credits when due.

Also, enjoy!


Haha, this is clever. Can’t wait to see it as a weapon.

Whoo for a min there i thought you were really banned Jaanus.

very nice, you got my download

Yeah, I keep doing that too

Add the mask as well, and i might download it…

Very clever. Downloading.

Where the heck have you been snood D:



Haha , awesome. The tip could be thinner tho.

Ah, thats useful so jigglebones do work in w_models, as I was gonna try and make a w_model using jigglebones so it could have some movement which wasn’t animated (and therefore would be different everytime) which I thought could be interesting. Good job ^^

Not a bad epee but the blade is actually a V shape on the actual weapon and you have the button at the end to detect pressure. The pommel/guard etc is great though, good textures too.

All that’s left now is to make a viewmodel and a SWep.

Snood you’re back. c:

Oh hey, Snood’s back from the dead!

Nice Snood.
From the look of the model its a sabre, theres three types of mainstream fencing swords ;p


But yeah, very nice.

This doesn’t just need a SWEP, it needs a whole gamemode. Dueling on logs over rapids or on a plank between ships, anyone?

nice work

A rapier eh? I never did like those. They’re just over-sized pins. :v:

Looks nice, and is an Epee mates…