Feofan Grek- a man painting

“This is my Son, the Beloved; with him I am well pleased; listen to him!”


he’s using a book as a palette?

It’s a magic book that paints for him.

He’s reading the book.

It would look loads better if you turned up your graphics and didn’t zoom in on low res textures… but other than that… very nice…

where did you get that book prop though may I ask…?

Agreed with BlackRazor, this would be much better without those terrible textures but still a nice pic, I like the artistic feel of it.

Graphics up, perhaps retry this after you download a foliage pack off garrysmod.org, because I really like the idea.

Could I see the original mate? I think that is not the graphics but the editing which is making the pic look so edgy(To be more especific, I mean the isolation for the dodge/burning).


Thanks for the comments.

this deserves a lot more attention than its getting

i’m delighted with this deviation from the usual shooty shit that’s been clogging up the forums since forever

if only more users were like you


:3 thankyou very much.