Ferdinand Rollin'


looks like these soldiers are part of the special division

why does the guy with the mp40 look like he is waving his neck like he’s a strong independent black woman that don’t need a man?

Damn I didn’t see that strange neck error… Ahh too late.

I dont know why but these nazis look funny to me.

But posing is well.

May i ask where you got those soldiers and the map? Nice posing, they look like a sad bunch of fellows though.

map is a custom one on RnL forum and the models, well I ported them. The SVN is in modelling section (new place, got removed from gmod) and it’s in a SVN. The Thread name is Red Orchestra 2.

I knew this would happen… Also it’s possible to do it for each head, they all have a meanful face XD

The pic itself is really nice, though

Seems like his hovercraft is full of eels.

ferdinand funk


You don’t have to search now.