Few Gamemode based Questions

So I got some questions that I would like to get cleared.

I am making a gamemode, obviously, and I would like to know the following;
[li] How could I get all the players from one team? not everyone now.[/li][li] How could I set teams so that the gamemode cannot start unless there is players on both teams?[/li][/ul]
I might have some other questions.

And for your information, the gamemode is not fretta based, and will not be.

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Assuming your teams are 1 and 2…

  1. **[Team.GetPlayers


  1. [lua]if team.GetPlayers(1) > 0 and team.GetPlayers(2) > 0 then
    – Start the gamemode

Something like that?

Yep that sounds good, I’ll go on and try it.
Thanks for your help.