Few ideas in bulk: Colt 1860, catapult, rams, weaving...

Why not offer new weapons as an alternative to the too rapid changes between weapons wooden hunting and other modern assault rifles?
Black powder weapons have a nice story. Powerful, but a little longer to reload, it would have an attractive alternative because it is almost automatic, and would hold off an armed player of AK. For example, the Colt 1860 was expected to stop in the middle of a horse race, but the operation of the remaining cap & ball sometimes fickle, some shots of the charger is not triggered.

The loading can be done manually and requires metal beads, the fat and the powder. Which would force the player to bring these three elements with it in return for a powerful weapon, a real alternative to modern weapons. Their design is quite nice, and more, and it’s easy to find photos of rusted 1860 colt from this period. More, you could change to make rifles, adding a lacrosse stick.

I am not speaking of belts to wear them, some are beautiful.

Regarding raids, the missile launcher is clearly favored. Why not give players less technologically advanced, the possibility of raid with black powder guns? This would delay the onset of bazookas and allow everyone to be able to attack the bases without delay the advance of modern technology. Although obviously, for wooden gun enthusiasts, it would be fun to design catapults, trebuchets and rams, able to break down some of the underpinnings of a base, the balance being made in the construction of such difficulty gear.


This would give everything to everyone the possibility to attack or defend, whatever its technological level.

Another idea came to me, it’s too easy to manufacture clothing and armor. Since modern extraction machinery exist, it would be interesting to also add their technological levels. For example, in ancient times, it was spinning and weaving fabrics. Which required two machines of the distinct era. The story evolves, the workshops were modified to become faster and even automatic. In-game, it would delay the arrival of metal armor, allowing the creation of medium armor.


I do not know if it is intended by the designers, but I think that these developments allow intermediaries to balance the game by giving everyone the opportunity to play PvP at all levels, giving more advanced cold sweat when they will arrive catapults, black powder cannons, and ancient weapons, capable of evil.

It’s just a few ideas in bulk.

Nice collection you made there.

I like the old siege weapons very much and the cloth processing Idea sounds nice too.

However, I’m not as obsessed with the 1860 revolver as you are.

Low tier siege weapon using only wood, clotch, metal frags and stones as ammonition sounds really nice and would indeed balance raiding a little.

We already have 2 pistols, they’re barely used.

Siege wepons already confirmed here, as for the gun, well, who knows.