Few ideas

First of all thank you devs for making such a great game!

I have some questions/suggestions for it, which some of you might consider already, they have been mentioned by someone else, or even are in WIP state.

  • research
    I think that research should take some time, depending of the complexity of the item. Some basic items could be instantly researched, but it could take more time for some advanced gear.

  • metal fragments
    When smelting metal ore, metal fragments will be hot. They will cool down after some time. Some item could be crafter with hot and some with cold fragments. We would be able to reheat metal if required.

As player performs same actions over and over, he could be collecting some points, and basing on them, getting some perks like decreased crafting or building time, or even using less resources.

  • tools
    Along with workbenches I think it would make sense to add some tools which are required to craft certain items, like Hammer for metal objects or a Needle for armour/clothes.

  • water
    This would be complex, and it depends how development of “thirst system” is going to end up. At the moment player only needs food, but water bottles can be found, so suspecting that they will have some use in the future. If players will have to gather the water in the future, then maybe building wells would be a good idea? Obviously they should only be placed in designated are, so special Wand could be crafted and used to locate it. Water then could be carried in water sacks (made of leather), transported in buckets (wood) and stored in barrels (wood and metal fragments).

  • batteries
    Weapon mods are made from metal fragments (flashlight and laser), but how they are powered? I was thinking about adding batteries to either list of consumables, or as an item to craft. If craftable, then maybe it could be made from acid (sulphur and water), charcoal and metal fragment

I realise that some of ideas above are unreal, some might be to complex, or simply devs have no time for the crap like this :wink:
All I want is to share my thoughts on how to make the game even more interesting, and hear some comments from both, the community and the devs.



Awesome things but I do not agree with the tools though.
Like a pickaxe for rocks.
A hatchet for trees okay.
A hammer for breaking down other stuff.
And tiers in it.
Like wood, stone, bronze, metal, magic,…(Enchants?)

I’m not sure that the developers will want to go into magical enchanting, but the other materials seem good, they are planning on adding many more things in the future, but right now their focus is the new map and getting it onto Steam.