Few ideas

Some things that I think should be added or improved;

-Improved 1st person. so you may ask whats wrong with it? When you look down you cant see your legs or anything.
Its like you are not really there and your shadow is casting from nowhere. I think it would be better because it
would also solve lots of problems like desynchronized animations when reloading a gun. Also people next to you would
even see how you pull the trigger and change mags. When you change clothes you would also see it on your hands. Make
screen shake little when running so it doesn’t feel like Im driving a car on speedway (Legacy had it btw).
Iwe seen this in lots of games and it just makes game look and feel better. Example - Crysis.

-Guns, like it or not guns are big part of the game, well it may be a matter of preference but it would be better if guns would
operate like in real life. Good example is when you reload half empty mag your character pulls back charging handle which is
unnecessary because gun has already live round in chamber and just wastes time doing it. Shotgun and Bolt rifle also has reload
problem, when you shoot one round from bolt rifle and reload character puts 4 rounds instead of 1. Iron sights, Iron sights are
shit, but iwe seen on devblog that some of devs already working on improving thouse. Attachments, I like how devs made so you can
remove thouse from your gun and add to another, thing is they shouldnt break. Why? Well even silancer doesnt break easy in real life
because it basicly a tube with chambers and doesnt even interract with bullet like barrel of a gun. And did you count how many times
you die in game losing your main gun? People still would need to learn how to craft them. Cost, Cost for guns is little retarded,
because its mainly focused on HQM (High quality metal) rendering normal metal almost useless. Idea is, why not make, for example ak47
use little less HQM and add some Metal fragments aswell? Because parts which require HQM are some internals like barrel for example, also
attachments cost way too much, holo sight cost almost same amount of HQM as AK47, really!? Gunplay, cant really say much here, because
some people may love it, and some like me would think its more luck than skill.

Probably many things I mentioned have been posted here before and some things you may not like, also my english is not great so dont hate.

Isn’t this in CS:GO?
Why is this in CS:GO if it is in CS:GO?
When you switch weapons, it doesn’t do the Rust thing, where they just bring up the gun, they take it, pull back the charging handle, every time. I don’t know how anybody hasn’t noticed this. Maybe i’m an idiot.
I’m probably an idiot.
I completely agree with this post though.

Its because they choose to add more stickers and silly skins which make guns look like toys instead of researching them and how they work, but thats just my opinion and lets stick to Rust.