Few problems with server

Hello FacePunch :stuck_out_tongue:
I am having some problems with my RP_DownTown_V2, DarkRP server.
There are also some quesitons.

  1. I have got the inventory add-on, and it works. Is there anyway I can make it so I don’t have to bind it every time server restarts and such, so its on automatic every time the server starts?

  2. For some reason, no one can spawn props, I have prop spawning enabled.

  3. I am learning LUA Now, Where is the file for the HUDm where it says your Salary, Job, Wallet, and Health? I would like to edit it.

  4. How do I add a model that will stay forever, even when a server crashes. in other words, It’s permanent and owned by world (Owner: World). I.E. When you play on DownTown, its got that cart already there (beside police station). Is there any way I can add a model without decompiling the map (as would result in stealing).

Servers Specs:
Addons Include
ULX & ULIB Latest
Connas Tools
CSS Realistic
Simple PP
Smart Welding
Stacker Tool
Weight Tool
Youtube Player

Thank you for your time.


Yea, the prop is the RP version. I had that problem alot.

Is there a fix?

No, you need a different version of DarkRp.

I am using 2.3.7+. Should I get 2.3.7?

Im not sure witch one works or not. I used a old version of RP so. Yea try that. If it fails look for a older version of DarkRP.

That wont fix PP, but it might fix the prop problems. PP is a conflict between 2 PPs.