Few questions from a new ruster

Hi all. I’ve played 12 hours of RUST and read the wiki. I can say that I’m aware of almost all the tools and mechanics of the game, however I still some questions which I couldn’t find answers for, so I’ll write then in bullet points to make it easier to answer them:

  1. If I authorize myself to a cupboard in someone else’s base, does this mean that he lost access to the base?

  2. What if the previous owner of the base still has a sleeping bag inside the base, can he spawn inside? Should I destroy the SB?

  3. How do blueprints work exactly? I’ve studied several ones, so when or how will I get the studied items?

  4. What’s the difference between PvP and PvE servers. I play solo, so how does it differ if I play against everyone or vs another player(s)?

  5. If I lock a door with a key, and keep the key with me, then if I get killed, I lose the key! Where should I keep the key then? I don’t have the PIN locks yet.

  6. Does the campfire regenerate health?


Hey aouniat,

  1. No he didn’t loose access to his base. If you clear the toolcupboardlist if you hold “USE-Key” you can revoke his building rights.

  2. Yes, its better you destroy them and build your own. You can also give Sleepingbags to Friends if you hold the “USE-Key”

  3. When you studied a BP then your allowed to craft the item. Get ressources and craft the new item.

  4. PvP means Player vs Player and PvE means Player vs Environment. Well basicly on PvP you can kill other players and their buildings in PvE the players and buildings might be invulnerable.

  5. Keep a key with you and create a second key that you keep in a stash near your sleepingbag.
    Remember that you change the key if you get killed, because the guy who looted you could easily access your house now. (Unlock your door and create a new key)

  6. It gives you comfort. I dont think so but it can stop freezing and make you dry if you fell in icecold water. You can heal with Food, Bandages, Syringes and Medkits.


Thanks man.

Regarding # 5. How does PvE work?

I can’t kill anybody or destroy their base? So what’s the purpose of the game then?

Well that would be then “Hunting Simulator and Bob the Masterbuilder” :smiley:
It depends what mods the serverowner is running.

They’re generally for people who want to focus on building, other than that, PVE gameplay becomes stale very quickly.

agree with lengro on everything, but might add something for #3 and #6.

you have a starter list of items you can craft. blueprints teach you new things you can make, but you still need to find the resources and craft the item as any other item.

comfort allows you to regenerate a certain amount of health if you have the stamina to do so. it’s a convoluted system, but long story short, a well fed player sitting by a fire will regenerate more health than a hungry player roaming the wilderness.

Just to add a bit extra.