Few Questions I need help with

  1. Servers are notoriously difficult to join, sometimes it works fine (especially if i join the server as quick as possible, but if left for any amount of time) and sometimes I just get ‘server no responding’ - I’m sure its not a ports problem as I can still connect to servers on occasion.

  2. I need help with scripting - I’ve looked at tutorials and stuff and I’ve downloaded the skeleton framework from garrysmod.org but as soon as I try and set the players spawn inventory - all hell breaks loose
    I’m also finding it difficult to figure out .lua commands to initiate a script sequence.

3)I can’t seem to get anything working, the Q menu is the main problem, how to I script this/these sorts of functions (its a new gameomde).

I only started last night and can’t seem to get the hang of it, even the supposed ‘real basic’ stuff.

HELP! :frowning:

I can only answer #1 as I’m not an lua scripter but your internet may just be your problem. If your on I wireless router you may have some Drop-outs. Also, when your away from the computer do you use your home phone? If you do and if you have a router you should do some tests to see if the signal breaks when you have an incoming call or when you call out.

Yea - I use wireless and I think I can agree with you on the signal drop-out although the home phone isn’t an issue due to BB filter :slight_smile:

Still need help with .lua questions

Try posting that here- http://www.facepunch.com/forumdisplay.php?f=337