Few questions regarding friendly-fire and general things

I used to play the old Rust and haven’t played this one yet. Thinking of trying it out and would like to know a few things first.

  1. Firstly, is it possible to invite people to groups so you see who is who so you don’t shoot a friend or maybe there are some friendly fire tweaks?
  2. How’s building in the new Rust? What are the major changes?
  3. What about defenses, barricades and such? How effective are they now? Is it possible to protect your stuff from raiders or it’s pretty easy to get raided?
  4. What’s the hacker situation? Old Rust used to swarm with cheaters and it was the reason I quit this game. Are there still things such as no-clipping through walls and etc.?
  5. Firearms and ammunition. Are those hard to get or its a common thing and easy to craft?

p.s. Most likely not planning to play in private servers. So I wanna know what’s going on on official servers.

@ Hellzer, Hi Welcome back! I will not lie to you,
1.Game is More Fun than the Old Legacy

  1. Building system is much easier than before! there are few restricted areas that you can not build on landmarks can build near them outside perimeter. All u need to build wood to papaer for building plan and a Hammer!

  2. some Old stuff even more defences and new defences Auto turret Engaged… Walls Wood and stone Gates!

4.Well a lot of Cheaters getting banned as usually Its a EAC Perm ban for Good!

Welcome Back Kotter! Bang the Hammer! :slight_smile:

Well This will Help You Just Watch Video!

[video]https://youtu.be/HRy_KLINGP0?list=PLfA8IyHrVZ9n4KpvSTeaAS4PSbGhq1MP B[/video]