Few Questions.

  1. On my Garry’s mod server how do I restrict the use of tools and weapons?

  2. How do I speed up connection for that it has less lag?

3.How do I disable the use of physguns?

  1. (This one is some-what related to #3) How do I make it for that other players cannot use physgun on my props?


EDIT: I’m also looking for someone to possibly help control and keep order and have fun at my server.

You need an admin mod. Try Evolve, Exsto, or ASSMod.

Get better server hardware & don’t run listen servers. Listen servers use more resource powers because it has to render the game AND run it; Dedicated servers only have to manage the game & run them.

You don’t want to add random people as admins because Hell will break loose.

  1. Use Evolve, or Ulx.
  2. Get a faster connection by buying it where ever you get your internet OR get a better computer/Hardware.
  3. Again, Use Ulx or Evolve.
  4. You can use an admin mod, or another way is to get this (http://forum.facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=786522)
  5. Watch your server for people who are nice to other players and people look up to for admins.
    Evolve (http://code.google.com/p/evolvemod/)
    Happy playing.