Few questions:

Kso, ive got an old computer sitting around doing nothing so I want to use it as a dedi for garrysmod.

Few questions:

  1. Does setting up the server involve redownloading all the game files? eg; hl2, garrysmod, tf2, etc?
    Ive got a 30gb/mo cap, so I dont want to waste it all just to setup a server.
    Im only asking this because from what ive read, setting up the server involves downloading stuff other than the updater. How much does it download?

  2. Around how much on average would a 5ish slot server use up? Bandwidth-wise/month? As in, around 5~ people constantly using it?

You can’t host a Garry’s Mod server then. You would hit that cap in no time.

Awww. Fail.
Ill have to poke around msn then, I should have atleast one person willing to give me some dedispace.

why not rent a server?