Few questions

I has 2x Hp proliant servers with these specs:

x2 Duel Core processors
8 gbs of DDR2 ram
x2 SCSI 80 GBs

Upload rate is

5.02 mb a second
Download is:
5.29 mb a second

He asks how many players can I handle on a gmod SB server?

–sorry for the title,and/or bad spelling this is wilderbeast’s friend that is part german, And i is still learning the english language

My cousins internet which is 1mbps can host a 20 slot server superbly

So I guess he would be over 100+ slots. So he is most likely able to host anything he wishes.

oh k, so i can host as many as i want basicly?

I’d say no, not as many as you want. I guess you could run for example a 32-slot server just fine, but at that point a SB server would probably start lagging due to the large amount of props…

If you’re starting a spacebuild server, I suggest you run two with smaller slot amounts rather than one with a large amount of slots, since spacebuild with over ~15 players starts to get a little crowded. In my opinion, at least.

Sorry - I Couldn’t help but laugh.

If you have a 1 MBPS Internet Connection - Your server will lag extremely. Especially if its hosted on a Low-Spec computer that is hosted on a network with a improper back-end and so forth. Thats like running a 100 Slot on a first generation Compaq Laptop.

Now - Your server specs are decent. Anafe to host a 32 Slot - But you may want to get atleast a 20 MBPS Internet connection. It will prevent lag and especially if its a Build server you will want that.

Are you retarded?.

20Mb/s = 2560KB/s = 6.4TB transfer per month.

Now then…

For a 32 slot sandbox, your going to want around 35KB/s per person.

32 x 35 = 1120KB/s.

1120KB/s = 8.75Mb/s. (2.8TB per month if interested).

By the way, the above is theoretical. I mean, I guess if there were massive contraptions you would definitely peak at 35KB/s (remember, max rate means it wont go higher), but for the most part if its just mild building your looking at between 5KB/s - 12KB/s per person.

Yes, I believe you are retarded for thinking he needs 20Mb/s+ for a 32 slot sandbox server.

ok, well can you guys please just say how many would be good. because im starting to get confused here

It’s between advertised speed vs real speed. Advertised speed, although run as Mb/s is actually Megabits per second, not megabytes per second. It depends what unit he’s talking about. 1 megabit = 0.125 megabyte

That was in megabits…

Mb/s = Megabits
MB/s = Megabytes

Figure it out. Capital B = bytes, lowercase b = bits.

1MB/s = 1024KB/s = 2.5TB.


A 10Mbps unmetered (in upload) would do you well.

You won’t be able to host a 32 slot build on a 5Mb/s connection without lag. A lot of lag at that.

You could always go for a 100Mb/s metered port, just make sure you don’t go over any bandwidth caps.