Few Screenshots of a beginner.





Actually , I don’t know if you can call the picture 4 NSFW.
Anyway , i’d like some critic’s :3

(Picture ain’t loading , or it’s me ?)

Edit : Can you also give me a better “Image Sharing” ? Imageshack kinda … suck balls.

On the first image you pasted in a soldier from another screenshot, why did you do that?

Also they’re really damn small

I sense potential here.

second and third images are actually pretty damn good for a beginner, you’ve definitely got the right idea with the camera angle on the third one especially. however, it’s generally a good idea not to use the presets for the color mod, because almost all of them look really crappy. make your own preset from scratch, then modify it from there for each individual picture. it takes longer, but it’s definitely worth it.


like this one!

Thumb a picture when you quote one !

And for the pictures I like the seccond and the third ones. Kinda lacks quallity though

Pro tip: use [img] tags for posting images.

As for quality, I think you’ve got lots of potential. Your second and third pics are pretty good, but the pther two, not so much. The slenderman pic is rather boring, and the spy pic is oversaturated and has too much bloom.

Practice some more, and I think you’ll fit in pretty well.

First of all , thanks for your feedbacks , it help me alot :3

Actually , no. I never use program like Photoshop to change something here , or something there. It’s a soldier posed with Animation Tool, I wanted him to run , but he just stand-still.

I used [img] aswell , don’t know why but pictures wasn’t loading.

Anyway , thanks again :3

And sorry for the pictures being too small . _.

Are you running game on this small?



It’s just that I don’t wanted the pic to be too big.

Ah, it just looked really pasted on because of it being the exact soldier animation and how the dof didn’t seem to ‘affect’ him.

[sub]IMO, you shouldn’t use the animation tool for a pose, it’s like using an npc.[/sub]

You have to put [img] in the beggining of the link and

at the end, one link at the time. You sure you did evrything right ?

Indeed ! I did something like

[img] blablah. [\img] (I know I did wrong , it’s for showing you)


[img] blablah2. [\img]

This is beautiful. I’d love to see more pictures like those. Keep up the good work!

As for image hosts, I’d recommend Imgur or Dropbox. For the tags, try something like this:




Why not change links in op instead of rating this advice useful ? Much more peole could enjoy your pics, cuz many are too lazy to open links