Few Team Fortress 2 poses

Brother had lan party today, which resulted in all interned games being laggy, so I went to Gmod.
Anyhow, here you go:

Heavy and Scout escape from those nasty BLUs!

Engineer update is here! Yes, I know Engineer doesn’t have any faceposing. It didn’t select it for some reason. :I

Sniper is telling exiting stories to rest of his team.

Oh yeah, and feel free to shop them.

The posing in each pic looks good. Nice job!

Nice I like.
Also, where’d you get the 4 wheelers and the plate? :v:

The second one with the sniper was kind of funny.

Thanks for the (so far) positive comments, even when tips and all that cool stuff are welcome!

The vehicles are from driver pack somewhere in the relases section, I can provide link later, but too tired to do that now.
As for the plate, it’s located at Team Fortress 2 -> items in the browse menu. However it has sandvich on it all the time, as it’s the dropable sandvich added in the recent update.

Not bad. Also, it actually does select Engineer, but for some reason, doesn’t show the selection ring around his face. So, after clicking him with faceposer you should be able to facepose him, even without the ring showing up.

Yeah, I just noticed that yesterday while desperately trying to get his face to work.
Also thanks.