Few thoughts

I really like how this game is very dependent on in-game community like many other MMO games. But the only thing is, it is perhaps “Too” dependent.
I get the idea, Raiding is somewhat the end game aspect of this game but after zombies are removed… There is no purpose.

-Buildings really need more interactivity. Since nature is so forgiving, the main purpose to build structures is to show off to different players or defend from PVP raid.

-Terrible NPCs. There is really one major role in singleplay content: gather resources for item progression, that’s it. It takes MMORPG about 2~4 weeks to reach endgame. Rust starts at endgame and it takes 2~4 days to complete most progressions.

Conclusion: I now understand how hard it would have been for the guy in the movie “Cast Away” starring Tom Hanks and Wilson the volley ball. This game is just like that. Its too boring that it requires oxide mod for content progression such as markets, quests and levels.

  1. Please fix nature difficulty so that constructing homes is essential.

  2. Make night time as animals to hunt players so it adds difficulty in night time.

2A. bears can destroy homes not just players.

  1. Introduce washed away loot boxes along the shores

3A. Mysteries beyond Rust island, where airdrop is coming from

  1. Introduce washed away human NPC to feed them, clothe them, provide shelter and use them for gathering resources.

4A. Human NPCs give small quests that leads to the mysteries

  1. Exotic animals - give reason to hunt

  2. Trainable pets (Monkey that can slip through metal windows for stealing purposes, dogs for hunting, cats, hawks etc)

  3. Introduce snakes, they can kill you during the night or at least harm you. Killing them gives you venom and with venom you can make poisoned food.

  4. Can of beans, chocolate, tuna… these are all actually parts of a ration in real life. Since there is small rations, allow us to craft “Rations” with more food/health/-rad

  5. Add beautiful sceneries for people to just explore for fun. Add clues about this island.

  1. Home already are essential but I do agree that building should be more dynamic.

  2. I like this. Increase aggro radius of animals during night. Bear, and only bears, can eventually break a wood door I can also get behind.

  3. Agree! There needs to be some incentive to leave the central part of the map.

  4. I do not like this. Too much like an MMO and honestly I don’t want to help random ass survivors when I need to survive myself.

  5. Just increase the diversity in general.

  6. I don’t like this. Again, more MMO’y and doesn’t really fit in Rust.

  7. Same as 5.

  8. Agree! Rations, at the moment, are amazing and I would love to be able to craft them.

  9. I think this is a give-in.

I agree that the game is more PVP. The main interest is reduced to opposition players with each other.
More difficult PVE survival is necessity. imo