Few zombies stand around near a downed heli


some time i havent posted something…

Yeah yeah c&c and shit

Its amazing!
What filters did you used or whatever did you do to the picture?
Tell me please.

i was experimenting with opacity and uh


Thank you kindly sir.
Gonna try that too next time.
I really like the effect.

That zombie infront looks like he’s going to say a badass one-liner.

But he’ll need a boomstick for that :v:

Nice posing and work with the curves.

"Looks like this chopper… just got chopped."

ANYWAY, looks awesome man, those 2 black lines doesn’t make it look any better by the way, just wastes screen space.

One sec.
Where did you get the helicopter model?

dont ask me

I hate searching things.

Yeah, ask me.


then don’t search for them.
you can just wait and wait and wait and wait and wait and wait and wait and wait

shoulda had like 2 or 3 more in the background to fill up the boring empty space

Thanks for crit.

Not up to your usual standards quite bland.

I did not have usual standards

thanks anyways

Any more comments?