ff13 Vanille Nude

i promised i will release ff13 pack.but i didn’t want to put this one in it.
here’s Vanille Naked

including facepose, fingerpose, etc

its great man !! thank you very much !!! i recommand this to everyone

indeed the best
cant w8 for the pack !!!


hehe ^^ nice upload…thanks for it.
might be a stupid question, but anyway…do you mean a pack of the main ff13 characters, or a variation of different ff13 characters in general?

its a pack of main characters.
also this wasn’t different character,it was from game

Hm… this is VERY useful! wink

Other characters? Just askin’…

thank you very much!..

Is it only me that got missing eye shaders?

yeah the eye shaders are missing or i fail at installing the model

Dude thats nasty, shes like 400 years old

yea shes old enough to be your great great great great great grandma but still sexy and didnt age a day over 18yrs old

I too am getting the eye texture problem:


Imo she would benefit from a few more faceposing options, but apart from that, quality looking model.

Sorry if this has been asked, and I don’t mean to be a pest, but… Are you also doing the other characters? Clothed, I mean. I have yet to see anyone but Sazh ported to GMod. I’d love to have the FFXIII characters. Is that the pack of which you spoke in the original post? Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Fucking yeah! It is very good! Thanks!

He said in the first sentence he was working on a FF13 pack. Jesus.

Your screen name suits you well. He did indeed state that ‘a FF13 pack’ was forthcoming, but did nothing in the way of explaining what it would contain. It could have been characters, weapons, props, or anything else, but he did not clarify, which isn’t any fault or error of his. I sought clarification so I asked politely for the information where most of the internet would not have. I’m not sure what else I could have done to gain your approval, not that I believe that I need it by any means. Grow up, and learn to think your sentences through before you speak.

My original question is still valid, if anyone would mind actually answering it. Thanks again in advance!

to answer your question he posted in wip thread of his ff ports that he will be porting characters i belive it was snow vanile and lightning hes currently working on

Thanks for the info! I look forward to the release! Thanks for your hard work, Mehdichallenger! I’m sure those models aren’t easy by any means!

i want a nude serah