FFS chat wont display after typing words :\

ok FOREVER and EVER now since like 5 months ago garry’s mod will NOT! display chat messages after typing something , only see able in the console.

my last resort is microphone ansd ppl even say stfu then :\

Yes i have reinstalled heaps etc :\

its so dam annoying … , oh… and hud messages that are ment to be displayed in chat


creating spawn icon 10 left etc , THEY overlap the chat txt and im so PI35782467390867)%^)@#(%^@&#^&@^( off at it :’(

please help its urgent :frowning:

I have the same problem, i can on see in the console what people are writing. Its damn annoying :frowning:


FFS, no1 doesnt know the solution?

guess not :’(

Yes, no one doesn’t know the solution.

y poast that…

I read that solution to the problem is to make a higher resolution in options

oh… ok :smiley: il try it * 2morrow cause im realy tired lol

12 36 am … for like the 9th night in a row lol

Changing resolution wont helps :frowning:

Did you change it to your native resolution?


yup. ive solved problem. It was the conflict of Garrys Mod Addons

really??? , what do you mean?

0.o …

wtf? did he fix it and just leave the fourm never to return :S ???

He said he fixed it by removing conflicting addons, what more do you need?

if you have the addon ichat, remove it.
Also please do fix your spelling, my eyes are bleeding when I’m reading the OP.

yeah im just tired * i ment by what ones do you mean** but got no rep * just really REALLY frustrated :frowning:


First of all, take english class again.

Second, explain it to us in a reasonable way after learning to spell.

wow im kinda pissed :\

same problem, somebody help! how do i tell what addons are conflicting?

well i solved my problem on a saturday last week i got a brand new pc like 9 - 15 times better than my old one its all better now

my solution* : buy a better or newer pc