ffs space-war gamemode and map save the vip

we have a new project guys and basically this is how it goes. we have two ships in space and two teams. the teams will be split up between the ships but there will be one person from each team on the enemy teams ship. your job is to go to the enemy ship grab the vip and bring him back to the check point. now we have a map been build by (lece) and helped by (acelove) we are been helped with making the gamemode by (roflbot) if we have any lua coders that would be able help please contact us…ps anyone who has anything to say that may make this better please mark below

one of the ships so far

http://ffs-clan.webs.com/ people who help this will be said in the motd and gamemode + get an early release

sounds good i will watch this project :slight_smile: