FFX & FFX-2 Models & Viewer/Extractor/Convertor

Hey there,

Now i know what you are thinking, FP has already had this kinda post thousand of times,
but all i am doing is releasing the long lost FFX & FFX-2 viewer and extractor.

Also included is a tool where you can convert the files into .OBJ files along with they’re texture files which are exported as .TGA.

Also i am including some of the models from FFX & FFX-2, so that you dont have to extract them yourself, mostly the main ones, or the good ones :)…Pics below


Models that i am including are already in the .OBJ file format and have their .TGA texture files along with them, so its ready for you to use :slight_smile:

Yeah i know they look all shiny, but that is because the screenshots were made while viewing in 3Ds MAX.

Anyway, all of the models (except: Jecht, Seymour Wedding and Yuna Wedding) have a slight Eyelid problem, maybe someone could fix this or if ported for Gmod hopefully it should be okay :S

These models you can do what you like with them, play around with them, port them for Gmod and various other games, mangle them or whatever.

I do not take any credit for either the FF Tools and/or the Models, neither were made by me, i just packed and uploaded them, all credit goes to the respected owners.

Click Here to download the Models Pack

Click Here to download the FF Tools Pack

Sorry if you don’t like 4Shared but its the only one i had an account with :S (Yeah i’m lazy)

Lookin’ fine and dandy, are you including weapons? Because that would be all the much better!

good idea, never actually thought of including weapons in the pack, but it is something worth considering, i will have a look and see what weapons i can dig out, if not all :slight_smile:

Also i forgot to add that sometimes it will put the extracted files under the same folder as your ISO

Yuna’s pistols please.
I’ll try to compile them myself for CS:S Dualies for lulz

I will try, but im having some trouble with the model viewer atm :S, no idea what happened it was working a min ago

Where’s cloud? so I can torture his emo ass? :c00l:

This is cloud… :emo:



There :smiley:

Just use the above download, this topic is for FFX and FFX-2 not FFVII :stuck_out_tongue:

Edit: by the way who rated me as bad spelling, i don’t see any, unless some of the words are spelt differently elsewhere, and the dumb rating, does not bother me…and respect to the person who rated me with (Nice/Polite/Friendly) :slight_smile:

What folder does this go in? I tried the addons folder but it didn’t work.

They’re not for Garrys mod. They’re resources to be converted

omfg somebody seriously needs to fix these up to work on gmod and post it. I really want those.

You could always try yourself ^^

This need more Dissidia characters.

Needs more of Yunas guns

Man that would awesome if someone could do this. Cloud’s emo ass needs a friend xD