FFXII Tiamat Model

Hey there. I’m not 100% sure if it’s possible or not, but I’d like to make a request for the Tiamat model and textures from Final Fantasy XII for a project I am working on. I don’t need it to be rigged as a ragdoll, I can take care of that myself, but I would like to request the model in either .SMD or .OBJ format.

Pic for reference:

It would be much appreciated if this could be done.

Bump. I’ve seen people rip some of the weapons from this game, so I don’t see why it wouldn’t be possible to rip Tiamat. I’d do it myself, but I no longer have the game and can’t seem to find a copy in my area.

Bumping to keep it from getting buried. I’ll give this another week and hope that someone can assist me with getting the model. I’ll consider it dead after that.

Bumping to keep it from getting buried again.

Ill see if I can get it rigged soon, got the tools to get it and I think noesis supports it to.

hmm I have the model in the viewer but noesis doesnt support ff 12 and the viewer doesnt have a export option.


Well, hopefully it can be done. Just knowing that the model viewer works is progress in my opinion. I’ve been trying to get a copy of the game so I could try to port it myself, but I’ve been rather unsuccessful in my endeavor. I’ll see if I can find anything else online that might help with this request.

take a look for the FF X tools, the viewer is really… buggy I dont think id port from this game besides this model since its so hard just to view a single model.

I tried using those tools before. I couldn’t get them to work, even though I set everything up properly. Gotta love Vista, eh? :v:

yeah those are some windows XP tools that dont play nice with vista, since we dont have the option to drag and drop our exe files to the DOS box we have to type it out or send it to it.

Bumping this once more to keep it from getting buried. Also haven’t had luck getting the tools to work by how you mentioned.

you dont have to bump it, when I get the model i’ll PM you

I know, I was just bumping it to say that I tried out what you mentioned to try get the tools to work on Vista. Sadly, I was unable to.

I got vista to, and it worked, they are just tricky to use, and the viewer is buggy