FGM-148 missile needed

Hello, could somebody rip, preferably from ArmA: II, the Javelin missile (mesh and textures)? Thanks.

If you are wanting it from ArmA II, it can’t be done. The people that worked on the engine used in ArmA II (I can’t remember who they are) have a serious issue with anything being ported from a game that uses their engine. If you were to get it from something else, you’d probably have a better chance.

yeah a while ago someone ported a few models from arma 1 and bohemia got in a shitfest and almost sued garry

Is it possible to extract it from BattleField 3?

If there’s a model for it, most likely yes.

I’m sure there’s, in fact when you shoot with the Javelin the missile appears

Then you might want to consider taking a look in here. If you can’t find it there, you could probably try asking nicely.

In fact I asked in there but nobody replied, so I sent a PM to the original poster. Let’s see…

l4d has a maverick. idk if that’s close enough.

The Javelin missile and Maverick missile have a noticeably different appearance, so I don’t think that would work (unless they decide otherwise).


Is it just the models you’re wanting? If so, I’m sure there’s a COD model pack out on workshop including launcher and missile.

Could you link it here, please? Thanks.

Pretty sure it’s this pack.

Thanks, but I don’t have Garry’s Mod, which is required. Could you download it for me and then upload the Javelin somewhere?