Field of View

(Draw Distance, not Field of View , my bad)

As you may now, the map is filled with buildings, and I am sure that this is a big problem for most of people. Wipe may not be the only solution to this… but maybe this…?

In most of games I’ve played, there’s **always **a draw distance option, and when I make it shorter, I always get a **higher **FPS.

Do you think this should be added to rust?
What would be the benefits?
Well it’s really simple to mention the benefits of the draw distance option, an example is Minecraft… for those who have low-end PCs.

Implementing the feature of the draw distance could be a very big way to improve the FPS, for everyone, and I am sure on that. And yeah, I kind of do have a shit laptop and this would really help me.

What do you think? Should this be added? Is it not necessary? Will more graphics options be implemented after its released in Steam?

I think you mean Draw Distance… FoV doesn’t affect performance that much, draw distance does

I am not sure which one does really affect performance… either way, what im talking about is like, reducing the field of view that you see from the screen.

And when you get close to buildings/objects they’ll start to load…

Thats would be draw distance then. FoV determines how much you are able to see on screen at one. IE with a FoV of 90 you’d see 90 degrees in front of you.(45 left and 45 right from the center of your screen.)

yea that would be draw distance… and do u mean just for building or for everything ? cause if its for everything you could end up cripple yourself since ppl with far draw distance will see you long before you see them. how ever alot of games has it like that. But yea, might not be a bad idea once the game is about to go live to add something like that, and i do think they have a few options like that planed, but time will tell.

Yeah, after a quick research what I meant to say was draw distance, and I would prefer if it was for everything, like surrounded by fog.

Of course, it wouldnt be too close to you, either way since there are no long range weapons, it’s not really a disadvantage…