Fields of Death

Thanks to ebyam/bundesheer for editing

Looks really good, forgot to credit me for the editing tho :V

how was the AO done? it bleeds really badly through the smoke effects.

Good Concept and I like the dark lighting.

Some CC for both of you.

Lower the camera angle a bit and get in closer. The posing looks nice but due to the contrast it is tough to actually admire it, especially with a great scene as you have laid out. You don’t have to get to much lower, just enough that your at more of a 45 degree angle.

The colors are great editing wise but adding a bit of smoke and cutting down on the tracers rounds/ muzzle flashes will help a lot. Right now the only thing my eye catches is the tracers/flashes. Using smoke instead of a flash or using a minimal flash as would be realistic at the time of day/ lighting conditions would really make the rest of your editing stand out.

All in all though really well done. Hope you don’t mind the CC.

I actually really like the angle, the posing is convincing and the ragdoll quantity is impressive.

I love the what you did with the puddles, but their bumpmap texture is way too noisy and results in very aggressive sea like puddles rather than calm, slightly distorted ones, and their edges aren’t very convincing in how they blend in with the ground, so they’re more of a distraction as is.

Also what Joazzz said.

I just followed this:
Not sure if I did it wrong.

you did it wrong by using it in the first place. AO should NEVER stick out through transparent materials like fog, smoke, glass and whatever.

Huh, well tbh I don’t really know how to disable it lmao.

Nvidia settings > half life 2 profile > ambient occlusion > set to off

ideally you’d never want to use AO in the first place, even though it’s ‘better graphics’, AO is a cheap depth map based post processing effect that rarely resembles how real shadows work, you should stick to lamps and just lamps, and depend on the shadows they’re already casting for you tbh