Fierce Deity Link

I would like a model of Fierce Deity Link and a seperate one of his sword please. I have searched and searched everywhere for this but there is nothing… Here’s a Pic:

And one of his sword:

Thanks in advance! =D

You should ask Vert092 about this, he’s good at doing Link reskins :slight_smile:

Edit: Actually I think its in that pack.

he already did, they’re floating around the releases section.

Yea I just updated my post saying that :stuck_out_tongue: (after looking at said thread)

Well I’ll be! there it is! >_< I would still like a better model of his sword if possible, but other then that, this will work perfectly. Thanks! =D

EDIT: Odd, I downloaded the pack but Fierce Deity Link is not in it. Also, I can’t download the tool that is supposed to go with it because it’s a .rar file… =\

Try searching the folder “FDLi” in the browse tab. He has 3 swords, one is located in that same folder, the other (transparent) swords are located in the folders “FDL2” and “FDS3”. Try that out and enjoy the Deity :wink:

Ah ha, I downloaded the wrong thing. I wasn’t paying attention and I downloaded luigimario’s pack instead. facepalm But now I have to go search google for a free program capable of opening .rar files. -.-’’’ oh well. It’s worth it. =D (Awesome models BTW.)

WinRar or 7zZip are what you want.

Grr… If it’s not one thing it’s another. I got the pack decompressed and all the models and materials are there in the folder, but it won’t show up on garry’s mod. -.-’’’ I always have trouble downloading models for some reason… I didn’t have any trouble with luigimario’s pack though. =\

They don’t have an spawnlist. Try searching in the Browse/All tab.